Who are we

The Nursery Manager

Jinnie - Nursery Manager

Teamleader - Bären

Jinnie Buss has been working with children for 30 years and has vast experience and expertise. With great commitment for each child and for her staff, she ensures a family and appreciative atmosphere in the nursery. She leads the team in a spirit of partnership and empathy to ensure that the children are cared for in a goal-oriented manner and with mutual trust.


About Jinnie

In 1994, my friend and I bought the first private day care centre in the Enge district. It was founded in 1993 and the owner at the time chose us as the new owners. Until 2003, we invested a lot of heart and commitment in our day care centre and we enjoyed working with the children and the parents. We then looked for a successor, as my girlfriend started a family and I began my training as a social pedagogue. I spent my training period in a school home for boys. This time was very educational for me and influenced my work with children in a new way. I also realised how important the work in the day care centre was and that I missed the exchange with the children and the creativity.
In 2007, I returned to "my" Kita as group and pedagogical leader. In 2009, the nursery was enlarged by two more groups (Füchsli and Bären) and I took over the development of the two groups together with Laura Diehl. As a pedagogical director, vocational trainer and group leader, I appreciated the variety and the specialist knowledge that I could pass on to the team, especially to the learners. I continued my education and completed, among other things, the CAS Leading and Managing in Non-Profit Organisations.
The most important thing for me in my many years of work is the work with the children. I am amazed by the children's development, their curiosity and their enthusiasm for everything they experience, and I look forward to accompanying and supporting them every day. It is very important to me that the children establish contacts, learn strategies for action and that reliable caregivers are there for them. I am especially grateful for my team, which supports me in my decisions and on whom I can always rely.
From October 2019, we will be an independent "new" day care centre that benefits from their experience and is open to new things. I am very much looking forward to the challenge and thank everyone who has put their trust in my team and me.
The Team

The team has been working closely together for more than five years. All current employees are fully, state certified, childcare specialists. Professional training is a prerequisite for the leadership of the groups. Future trainees are accompanied and trained accordingly by the Nursery Manager.

Teamlead, Füchsli

In 2014 I received my state diploma as a childcare specialist. Accompanying the children on their way and supporting them in their development means a lot to me. I really appreciate working with this longstanding and highly experienced team. There is a natural trust within the team which enriches our everyday life and our work with the children.

Teamlead, Füchsli

After my training as a nurse, I completed a second training as a childcare specialist. I have now been working at the Füchsli group for over ten years. I am a mother of two children and have therefore been working part-time for several years. I still find it extremely exciting to observe, accompany and support the children in their development.

Team member, Füchsli

I completed my training as a childcare specialist in August 2019 and was trained by Jinnie Buss. I have been working in this team since 2018. I like the fact that we work together across groups with the Bären group. This gives the children opportunities to grow with and learn from each other.

Team member, Bären

I have been working with this team since 2015. In 2015, I completed the internship and in August 2019, I finished my training as a care specialist. From the beginning, I was warmly welcomed into the team. What makes our team special is the way we deal with each other: everyone looks after each other and there is a long-standing relationship of trust.

Teamlead, Füchsli
Currently on maternity leave

I am a qualified early childhood educator and work as a group leader in the Füchsli group. I have been working with Jinnie in this nursery since 2011. I very much appreciate the long-standing, constant and appreciative cooperation in the team and the family atmosphere.

Our Mission

Growing together - learning from each other

A positive attitude and an attentive and trusting interaction with each other are the prerequisites for working with the children and in a team. Our guiding principle: "Growing together - learning from each other - being there for each other" shapes our actions in our family community. Everyone is accepted with their personality, so that individual needs and resources are respected and utilized.

How we treat each other


Our pedagogical expertise flows daily into our work. The basic needs of the child (according to Brazelton and Greenspan ) are for us guiding principles according to which we orient ourselves.


The need for lasting, caring relationships
We offer children long-term relationships characterized by self-esteem and respect and treat the children entrusted to us sensitively and lovingly.


The need for physical integrity, safety and regulation
We respect the children as independent personalities and are attentive in dealing with their integrity. We offer the child security and rules that benefit our community.


The need for experiences tailored to individual differences
Each child is perceived with its peculiarities and special abilities. Depending on our observations, we interact with the child accordingly.


The need for experiences appropriate to development
Every child is allowed to gain experience according to his or her development and is supported in his or her exploration behaviour. The interests of the children are taken up in the activity with them and integrated into everyday life. The children are given the opportunity to learn from each other, to gain experience and to get to know new things.


The need for boundaries and structures
To enable good experiences in the community, structures are needed according to which the child can act. Within these structures, boundaries are identified within which the child can try out and thus experience his or her borderline experiences.


The need for stable, supportive communities and cultural continuity
The Kita Chline Glückspilz offers a stable and supportive family community which is open to all cultures, denominations and nationalities.


Securing the future
With our commitment and attentive interaction, we want to point the children's future in a positive and stimulating direction, where the children deal with each other and learn to tackle and solve conflicts.